52 mobile hospitals to provide the entire front-line zone and destroyed hospitals in the regions

Mobile hospital

With the beginning of Russia’s full-scale attack on Ukraine, the vast majority of Ukrainians came to the defense of our country. We also joined the struggle by creating the Charitable Organization “Charitable Fund for the Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine”. We are a team of like-minded people, mainly from the IT sector, who have united for the common goal – the victory of Ukraine.
One of our projects is assistance in providing the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Western Region with a mobile hospital.

Mobile hospital – when every extra minute is the life of our defender. And we can make sure that there are more saved lives of our people, so that all those who defend Ukraine today return to their loved ones and loved ones.

We are raising funds for full-fledged hospitals on wheels, which will be located directly near active hostilities. This is emergency medical care for those who are in the hottest spots and take the hardest hit.

“The war has been in my life since 2014, all my loved ones are at the front and mobile medical aid is my personal story. Developing a network of mobile hospitals that can save the lives and health of our defenders is a fundamental issue, because what could be more valuable than life? Together with the foundation’s team, we conducted a thorough preparation to find a supplier for whom eternal values and life matter more than business. We are happy that we managed to find such a company, now we are not just partners – we are friends. And I want everyone to know that there are friends in Ukraine who help effectively,” says Artem Goncharenko, president of the Reconstruction and Development Fund of Ukraine.

Each such hospital is 100 saved lives of citizens, defenders of our country. Today, when we are desperately resisting the onslaught of the Russian Federation, every saved life, restored health is another step towards our victory.

The mobile hospital is a full-fledged hospital on wheels, equipped with modern medical equipment. The medical center allows for emergency surgical intervention in the immediate vicinity of active hostilities.

Reception room – hydraulic examination couch, rechargeable examination lamps on wheels, ophthalmoscope, instrument table, urns.

Laboratory – autoclave, centrifuge for blood, centrifuge for urine, freezer, examination couch, examination lamp, electronic glucometer, hematological analyzer, hemoglobinometer, thermal sealer for sterilizing packages, microscope, commercial refrigerator.

X-ray room – X-ray table, X-ray machine, protective equipment, X-ray viewing boxes, ultrasound machine.

Operating room – stationary defibrillator, diathermy device, portable infusion pumps, instrument tables, laryngoscope, operating table, lamps for shadowless light with batteries, aspiration pump, anesthesia machine, trash cans, adjustable stool with wall, resuscitation cart.

Technical room

Toilet and shower

Two teams of doctors can work in a mobile hospital at the same time. But each such hospital is 9,200,000.00 ₴ for which we announce a collection all over the world: among friends, partners and simply caring people.
We will implement this project together with the doctors of the military hospital, who will go to the front lines to save lives.
Each of your contributions is additional time for a fighter, for a hero, for a person when the fight for life is going on on the operating table.

Cooperation with you is very important to us – with any possible resources, possibly an informational partnership in the form of placing banners and articles with you, and we will add you to informational partners, possible joint fundraising, we are open to all options.

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