National guardsmen noted work of charitable foundation for reconstruction and development of Ukraine

On January 04, the Kyiv National University of Civil Engineering and Architecture hosted the official presentation of awards of the National Guard of Ukraine to the team and partners of the Charitable Foundation “Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine” for the systematic assistance they have provided and are providing to our defenders.
In the framework of cooperation with the National Guard, the Charitable Foundation “Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine” and its partners provided material and technical equipment, medical supplies and food to support our soldiers who are on the defensive positions.
“The defenders of the National Guard of Ukraine are sincerely grateful to the Charitable Foundation “Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine” and its President Artem Goncharenko for the contribution they make to the logistical support of our soldiers in these difficult times. For example, the tents that were transferred to the positions of the forces, in such difficult weather conditions, were very useful to our defenders. And this is just one of the examples of practical assistance that has been going on for months. The unity of the armed forces and civil society today is the key to our victory. On this day, I am pleased to acknowledge the people who help and will help the National Guard to achieve it,” said Major Serhii Petkov, legal adviser of the 3101 unit of the National Guard, during the awarding ceremony.
The National Guard of Ukraine awarded team members and partners of the Charitable Foundation “Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine”:
Goncharenko Natalia – Head of the National Institute of Regional Development
Butkaliuk Viacheslav – journalist
Voloshkina Olena – Professor, Doctor of Science
Hamotskyi Roman – architect, vice president of the International Association of Transfer and Technology
Zavalnyuk Vitaliy – representative of the international creative center I-Dolina
Kreknina Olena – Deputy Marketing Director of AXOR Industry
Kulakov Igor – Chairman of the NGO “New Lviv”, Chairman of the Board of the Agency for Reconstruction of Ukraine
Stanko Andriy – representative of the Association of Education and Science of Ukraine
Tsytsylina Iryna – Head of the NGO “Culture and Heritage of Ukraine”
Shcherbak Andriy, volunteer, founder of TM “Zeleno”
Volunteers of the Foundation:
Dzhuryn Maria
Zavalnyuk Roman
Bilash Hanna
Boldak Roman
Motrenko Svitlana
Savchenko Diana
Slisarenko Ilya
Andriy Stanko
“Supporting our defenders is one of the priorities of the Foundation for Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine and its partners. And I am very pleased that our efforts are appreciated by the National Guard. In fact, we are grateful to our soldiers for bravely defending our country. I want to assure that the Foundation will continue to support our defenders and do small things and large humanitarian projects aimed at our soonest victory. I also want to thank my entire team for their hard daily work, which contributes to this cause,” said Artem Honcharenko, President of the Charitable Foundation “Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine” during the award ceremony.
Recall that the charitable foundation “Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine” continues to raise funds for 52 mobile hospitals for the military at the forefront. The first mobile hospital has already been delivered to the Armed Forces. Only one such hospital can save up to 100 lives of our defenders every day.
As you know, a mobile hospital is a full-fledged hospital on wheels, equipped with modern medical equipment. The medical center allows to provide urgent surgical intervention directly near active combat operations. Two medical teams can work simultaneously in the mobile hospital. This project is implemented by the Charitable Foundation “Reconstruction and Development of Ukraine” together with the doctors of the military hospital who will go to the front line to save lives.

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